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With 2,200+ CSCL/CSCL/CSCMP recipients, the CSCL/CSCL/CSCMP Designation is Canada’s leading designation for supply chain professionals. The new curriculum delivers enhanced user experience, learning outcome consistent with industry standards, new reading materials and other features that are attributable to feedback from CSCL/CSCL/CSCMP Alumni, instructors and subject matter experts (supply chain executives).

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Future of SCMAO

The years 2021-2023 were years of evolution for SCMAO . The paradigm shifts in the supply chain landscape have changed the way organizations perceive the role of supply chain. This shift has warranted the need for us, your association, to transform into the association that you need us to be in the future – a vibrant, leading edge and future-ready community of supply chain professionals. The role of supply chain in an organization’s strategic framework is about to become more important than ever and as your association, we are proud to be the home you can come back to, as you navigate this new trajectory for supply chains of the future.

SCMAO is Canada’s largest community of supply chain professionals committed to supply chain excellence. Join us and be a part of the community.

35 Years Of Legacy

Who We Are

Supply Chain Management Association Ontario (SCMAO) is one of Canada’s largest communities for supply chain professionals, with over *4,000 members and a broader community of 10,000+ supply chain professionals. Anchored by a legacy of 35 years and fuelled by a vision that has the future of supply chain at its core, the rebranded SCMAO is committed to strengthening the supply chain network, which embodies end to end supply chain and its key functions

*The membership numbers are as of April 30, 2022, end of fiscal.

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Excellence in supply chain learning

Events Calendar

Our knowledge-sharing platforms (Live Chats), thought-leadership events (Leadership Series) and member exclusive events are all aimed at elevating the supply chain profession by addressing key issues, case-studies, real-life examples and solutions and delivering actionable insights. Participate in our upcoming initiatives and be part of some of the most pertinent discussions impacting supply chain decisions.

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Our value proposition

Why Choose Us

Join a Thriving Community

Be part of Canada’s largest community of supply chain professionals

Choose From Multiple Offerings

Over 50 offerings per year to choose from, to stay current with industry best practices

Network With Peers

Engage with the right audience to learn and grow in your career

Elevate Your Profile

Be part of panels, committees and Board etc to elevate your profile

Grow Your Career

Umpteen opportunities to upskill and network with employers

Stay Ahead of The Curve

Get ahead of important supply chain decisions and policies that will impact supply chain decisions


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